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Freelance headless WordPress developer

Freelance headless WordPress developer
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Headless, Decoupled CMS, Jamstack and static site generators these are the terms I have been astonished ever seen I came across and I always been very curious to learn these technologies and method to create something new and modern that really add values in my web portfolio.

Leading frontend Javascript framework like Reactjs and Vuejs has produced some of the leading static site generators like Nextjs, Gatsbyjs, Nuxtjs, Vite etc. which enable a web developer to take source data from any source via API or Graphql and serve data anywhere be it on Web and Mobile or any other devices or channels.

I developed one of my portfolio website DurgeshGupta.com on a headless concept I am using WordPress.com for content management and using Gatsbyjs to statically generate my website and to host or deploy my statically generated website on the server I am using Netlify CDN services which are backed by Amazon AWS global present cloud computing infrastructure.

The many method to develop static website using WordPress as headless CMS

I use a variety of leading javascript framework and tools to produce headless CMS-powered static websites. Some of them are.

  1. Gatsbyjs
  2. Nextjs
  3. Nuxtjs
  4. Vite
  5. Frontity

Why WordPress as headless CMS

WordPress is a very popular CMS and over the period of time, it has established itself as one of the leading choice for managing content. Managing the content with WordPress has never been so easy as it offers a modern cutting edge block editor which makes writing so effortless and elegant.

Why Static website

There are many advantages of having a static website over dynamic website.

Hacked proof Security: Security is a concern area when you have a dynamic website, your data or CMS location can be exposed and even data can be stolen or lost on a server crash or any other eventuality.

Blazing Fast: Static website is very fast compare to a dynamic website because all the assets are browser friendly and load smoothly.

Improve SEO: Static website can boost your SEO as it is fast and if worked properly can improve your search engine result very quickly.

Larger traffic handling: Static website can handle a larger amount of traffic at ease. You can handle thousands of visitors without any worry and can scale to an indefinite number of visitors without worrying much about the servers space and cost.

Low-cost hosting: It does not cost you much on your wallet, having a static website means low cost and it can even be hosted effectively free on leading content delivery service (CDN) providers like Netlify, Amazon Cloudfront, Google Cloud, Github pages etc.

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