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Freelance Laravel Developer in Mumbai

Freelance Laravel Developer in Mumbai
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Laravel is the most popular and modern PHP web framework to create different types of web applications. It has robust development community and have a big eco-system of Laravel packages to get you started quickly scale it immensely.

What’s use of Laravel?

You can start any web project with Laravel from scratch, When you start building a project from scratch you face several challenges like you probably think that you are going to reinvent the wheel in the age of WordPress which offer so much to kick start your project very easily but this is not the case with Laravel web development workflow.

One big advantage to build web application with Laravel is that you can adopt to modern web development workflow can start from scratch and scale to build larger application and grow it further, with Laravel you can build simple website to larger complex application i.e. e-commerce, learning management system, content management system etc.

You can build a new WordPress with Laravel or can develop a new WordPress theme and plugin with Laravel.

Durgesh Gupta – The Freelance Laravel Web Developer

Hi Folks,

I am Durgesh Gupta and I am a freelance Laravel developer I serve my local clients diligently from Mumbai and Suburban (Kalyan, Dombivli, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Badlapur) I have been working on Laravel web framework since last 5 yrs and have around 15yrs of ever growing experience in web development in particular PHP and it’s leading web framework i.e. WordPress, Codeigniter, Laravel etc.

I use Laravel to build smaller to larger website and web application and I also primarily use it as a backend API for mobile application development.

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