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Get super-fast website to improve SEO

Get super-fast website to improve SEO
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Google prefer a secure, fast, mobile-friendly and of course content-rich website to improve search engine ranking.

Nowadays getting a super-fast website is no more optional thing but it's now mandatory to have e a good web page load time.

How to check web page speed?

To check the speed of your web page the most popular and easy way to check at google page speed.

How to improve Website speed?

Thanks to the modern web browser and javascript framework now developing a super-fast website are easy compare to somewhat it was difficult a few years back.

The emergence of modern javascript like Reactjs, Vuejs, Angular etc. has drastically improved the frontend web development, removing most of its dependent on the backend technologies.

The modern web development workflow, cloud-based server infrastructure also plays a vital role to improve your web page speed and security as well.

Having minified and concise client assets i.e. suppressed CSS, javascript optimised images, less HTML code help significantly to improve your web page speed.

The WordPress Dilemma

Many prefer WordPress for website development but despite WordPress popularity for easy website making technic. Don't forget that this is a PHP based server-side CMS framework and largely depends on the server to process the client request so it eventually becomes slow.

The static site generator and Jamstack development

Since web pages load in the client web browser building browser-friendly web pages improve your web pages out of the box. It's a modern way of building a website with the help of leading cutting-edge javascript frameworks for static site generation i.e. Gatsbyjs, Nextjs, Jekyll etc.

Headless or Decoupled CMS Approach for Dynamic website

Instead of a conventional or integrated CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Joomla or any other custom made CMS we can develop web pages in a decoupled way where the frontend remain separated from the backend.

So how front end communicate with backend data?

The short answer is by API (Application programming interface) either Rest based API or Graphql.

Where to look for modern web development?

I can help you to develop a modern website and application please contact me.