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Pretty Cake - Order fresh cakes in Ambarnath

Pretty Cake - Order fresh cakes in Ambarnath
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Pretty Cakes is an online cake store that sells cake and other freshly baked products. Currently, they are serving in Ambarnath.

So if you are living in Ambarnath, go ahead and place the order to get freshly baked, custom-designed cakes and other products.

PrettyCake.in's website was developed by me. So let's explore more about it.

How PrettyCake.in is built?

I built it using Shopify and Nextjs. The prettycakein is a completely serverless application, which means I am not using any paid servers upfront, and currently it is effectively free thanks to Vercel, the online cloud hosting platform for serverless apps. I used Shopify because it is easy to manage the product data, i.e., title, images, product variants, pricing, etc. So for the backend, I am using Shopify, and for the frontend, I am using Nextjs.

Is Shopify not costly?

Well, I just use its storefront API, and I also have another backend alternative, custom-built-in Laravel, for my client. So we can easily get away with Shopify too, and we can manage backend data efficiently without Shopify.

Why Nextjs?

Nextjs is one of the leading and most popular frontend frameworks based on React to build modern websites and apps. It is fast, secure, efficient, and loved by search engines like Google, etc.

WhatsApp Checkout: How does it work?

For startup and local business stores like PrettyCakein, it is not required to have a payment gateway on the website; instead, I prefer to use WhatsApp chat in order to let customers place their order.

Pretty Cake displays the products on the website for ordering. The buyer will add the product into the cart and place the order on the owner's WhatsApp chat. Well, that sounds like a semi-manual process to get a new order, but that's effective in this particular business use case. The buyer can ask for the availability of the cake and can customise the cake as per their requirements, and once the deal is finalised, the owner can share his or her Google Pay link or any other UPI link to let the buyer make the payment. This way, while taking payments from customers directly into their bank account without any middleman like a payment processor, the owner also saves on payment transaction charges.

Get an Online Cake Store

Want a store like PrettyCake.in? or want to develop a WhatsApp eCommerce store?

Please contact me me to develop a cost-effective WhatsApp store for your local business needs.