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The headless ways to build a Shopify web store

The headless ways to build a Shopify web store
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    Shopify perhaps is the most popular premium, affordable and versatile eCommerce engine. It offers you to build multiple sales channels for your online store this means that you can sell your products on the website, mobile app, social media platform like Facebook or perhaps any other sales channel which can be built on top of the storefront API offered by Shopify.

    There are two ways to build a Shopify website.

    1. Shopify CLI - The most popular and conventional ways to build your web store via liquid templating and JSON template.
    2. Storefront API - Through Storefront API we can build a modern super fast Shopify website with the help of leading javascript frameworks like React, Vujes and Angular etc. some of the going projects which offer ready to use templates are Shopify Hydrogen, Vue Storefront and Vercel Commerce.

    With frontend Apps like Hydrogen, Vue Storefront, Vercel Commerce etc. you can build run and your Shopify store as a headless and serverless web app via Storefront API.

    Your frontend app can communicate with the help of Graphql query via Shopify Storefront API.

    What is a headless eCommerce store?

    Headless in web development refer to an architecture in which both frontend and backend are separated rather than integrated. So this way you have the freedom to have a preferred tech stack in either frontend or in backend. The frontend and backend both interact data wise over an API powered by either REST or Graphql.

    A headless eCommerce store has many advantages.

    1. Speed - A headless eCommerce can serve user requests faster and can improve the page speed load time as well.
    2. Security - Since a headless website is purely built on top of API it remains quite secure.
    3. Freedom to select your own tech stack - In the headless environment, you can select your build technology basically you are free to use a variety of web resources to add a variety of features.
    4. Scalable - You can easily scale your website to serve millions of page requests with ease.

    An example Shopify storefront that I built using Vercel Commerce.

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